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How online Youtube into mp4 converter program helped me get my college diploma faster

I have heard a good deal about the legitimacy and legality of downloading Youtube videos and converting them into offline files saved on your personal laptop computer. I've been watching and following the big development where some online mp3 converters are under scrutiny and being taken to court for assisting users all across the Earth, but here I just want to share the facts of my personal story. I am not advocating anyone to do exactly what I do, however I don't find any harm in what I do, I see the advantage of"DVR-ing" videos off Youtube and seeing them later. .

I am the benefit. I managed to complete my Bachelors school degree in just 3 years doing it through the night, part time and mostly online, while functioning 2 fulltime jobs to support my family. I am not talking about the wonder of Devry or any other highly-advertised internet college. I went to my regional college and had no distinctive programs and no special treatment , I paid like others and got help from state like other people.... To make long story short, here is what I didn't cut down on the time I needed to study. .

Among my two tasks mostly involved sitting and sometimes walking across the premises to make sure all was safe. . . So I started bringing books to function and reading my college materials. . Funny thing, online school works 24hrs every day, so I managed to work in my assignments and submit them at 3 o'clock in the morning. Later I figured out many of these assignments were on Youtube and Vimeo, concealed under special titles which didn't encourage any foot traffic, only people who have access URL knew what was inside.

And so I started copying those videos to my notebook before heading to work. Internet was very quite slow at times, cause of remote locations of the work sites, and so to have proper study sessions, I'd have to have whole video on my notebook before I had free time at work, otherwise some of these sessions had been destroyed because of block of workflow when net vanished, or never came. . All I had to do is replicate Youtube video URL to laptop memory clipboard, then I'd browse to the converter site, glue URL there, hit submit button and then wait for some minute or so. . It might then show me a few download options, very tidy, sorted by size and sound from itself. I could then convert Youtube movie to mp3 record, or continue until Mp4 converter reveals and provides seberal video mp4 file download options.

Having lectures prepared in my notebook let me greatly utilize my time off the grid, and here I am, graduated Bachelor of IT on average 2 semesters earlier than everyone else. I just hope my next project allows me for a few learning downtime.

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